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The Ethical Culture Society of Essex County

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Ethical Culture is a Humanist Religion--Come and visit!

516 Prospect Street, Maplewood, New Jersey 07040  Phone 973-763-1905     Email: ecsec.nj@gmail.com
Board of Trustees: Bill Graves, President   Zia Durrani, Vice-President; Rosalie Sussman, Secretary; Melissa Birun; Karen Bokert;
Barbara Cotler; Elaine Durbach; Fred Fink-Armstrong, Allan Parmet, Jeanine Rosh
Martha Gallahue, Leader Member;   Liz Cunningham, Office Manager
Boe Meyerson, Leader Emerita; Jim White, Leader Emeritus
Office hours Monday through Friday, 8:15 to 9:45 am, Sunday, 9:30 am to 12 pm

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More Pearl Buck Stuff: Follow up to 12-7-14 Program:
1958 Mike Wallace interview with Pearl Buck

AEU statement on the events in Ferguson, Missouri

Open Tai Chi session on Sunday, December 14 at 9:00 AM.



Families for Ethical Education!
 Join our meet-up and take a look at
Parenting Beyond Belief: Raising Ethical Caring Children
By Dale McGowan, National Family Educator of the American Ethical Union
"A compelling read " -- Newsweek


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Sunday, January 4, 2015 After Program 
    Social Action Minutes

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What's Wrong With Our System of Detaining Immigrants

Here is a link to an excellent brief summary of the problem of having a required number of immigrants detained every night in the U.S. bya former district attorny of New York County: http://www.thenation.com/article/180972/us-keeps-34000-immigrants-detention-each-day-simply-meet-quota#


Is Ethics Your Religion?

See AEU Statement on "Standing with Ferguson"

Gus Lindquist directs us to GeeksFSO

Coffee Schedule for 2014- 15


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Bob and Patty Bender and Peter Seeger

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Joe Chuman's New Book

Last Year's Program Schedule 2013-14

Great Ideas from Felix Adler: The Ethical Culture Elevator Pitch??

Transcript of Gus Lindquist's 11-24-13 program talk

  Podcast: Martha Gallahue Interviewed by Anselm LeBourne
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Fall Issue of , the publication
of the American Ethical Union


Just for fun: Photos of Long Island birds by Janet Rudolph!


The Calendar of the Ethical Culture Society of Essex County
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We're in the News!


Great Ideas from Felix Adler: The Ethical Culture Elevator Pitch??

Transcript of Gus Lindquist's 11-24-13 Program

  Podcast: MarthaGallahue Interviewed by Anselm LeBourne
(go to the bottom of the Somore.org page)

Fall Issue of , the publication
of the American Ethical Union


Joe Chuman Has New Book

Joe Chuman's book Speaking of Ethics has just been published. It is an anthology of 26 addresses given over the past 35 years, divided into four thematic sections: Ethics in Private life; Public Issues; Humanist Heroes and Interpretations of Ethical Culture. The primary audience is members and friends of the Ethical Culture movement, but Joe hopes it will generate interest in wider humanist circles and among all readers interested in ethics and moral philosophy. The binding notion of the diverse essays is the application of our central commitment of human dignity to various social and personal issues. This is the first book published in a long time coming out of Ethical Culture and directly related to what I believe we stand for. Speaking of Ethics can be found and ordered from the following Web site: www.createspace.com/44236227 . Soon it will be available on Amazon as an e-book as well as a soft cover.



Past Events, News, and Follow-Up to Programs


Follow up to 12-7-14 Program: Online Resources on Pearl S. Buck


1.Mike Wallace interview with Pearl Buck: http://www.c-span.org/video/?288844-1/mike-wallace-interview-pearl-buck
2.Discussion about Pearl Buck: http://www.wvliving.com/Summer-2011/Conversations-about-Pearl-S-Buck/index.php?cparticle=2&siarticle=1#artanc
3. Nobel Prize Lecture http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1938/buck-lecture.html
4. Short Stories Online –
"The Old Demon" http://meredithsuewillis.com/old%20demon.pdf


November 2014


Social Action Committee Minutes


Tai Chi Sunday Mornings

9 AM with Rich Mullens 
of South Mountain Tai Chi…..



Nov. 12, 7:30-9 pm: ECSEC Board Meeting


Nov. 15, 4-6 pm: Families for Ethical Education Meeting



December 2014


Come enjoy Chef Jesse LIVE!!! - Award-winning NJ Chef Jesse Jones, and the Ethical Culture Society of Essex County invite you to join them for an up-close-and-personal demo and Q and A, in the kitchen with chef Jesse, followed by great eating and mingling.,

Call ECS office to reserve your spot: 973-763-1905, or send a check to The Ethical Culture Society of Essex County.

Jesse Chef Jones's photo.





Sunday, December 7, 2014
After Program

Social Action Committee Minutes






December 12, 2014
Folk Friday
at Ethical

Sing-along & jam

(This month only meets on second floor!)

Second Fridays of month (October - June)

Ethical Culture Society

516 Prospect St

Maplewood, NJ 07040

7:30 PM

lnovemsky@comcast.net   973 763-8293

bring acoustic string and rhythm instruments

join in playing, singing, or listening with us bring some refreshments to share


Everyone is invited!




Tai Chi Sunday Mornings

9 AM with Rich Mullens 
of South Mountain Tai Chi…..


Chair Yoga
Every Tuesday
11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon



We're In the News and
Follow-ups to Our Programs


Great Ideas from Felix Adler: Our Elevator Pitch??

Transcript of Gus Lindquist's 11-24-13 Program talk

  Podcast: MarthaGallahue Interviewed by Anselm LeBourne
(go to the bottom of the Somore.org page)

Fall Issue of , the publication
of the American Ethical Union



Transcript of Gus Lindquist's 11-24-13 Program talk



Solidarity Singers 5-5-13!
The Union Makes Us Strong!





A Statement from the Board

In solidarity with all those who experience violence from too ready access to guns,  we send our condolences to the community in Newtown, CT.  We acknowledge your unimaginable pain in this moment.  We ask for your guidance to bring about healing and reconciliation to all in our country as we search for ways to protect the public good.   We renew our determination to end denial about the roots of violence that exist inside our homes.  We in Ethical Culture throughout the United States have already taken strong stands against the unrestrained use of guns and weaponry.   Now we promise to do more in your names as we share your sorrow.

Martha Gallahue, Leader
Andrew B. Weinberger, President
The Board of Trustees of the Ethical Culture Society of Essex County
December 17, 2012


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Social Action Committee Minutes

AEU's Fall Issue of Dialogue is now online!

2013-2014 Coffee Calendar for Members: Please check your dates

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Ethical Action Dialogue May 2013
(AEU publication)

Article on Women in Ethical Culture


Vimeo of Betty Levin's September 16 Program
Fred Sebastian Memorial
Meredith Sue Willis Talk on Political Novel
Building a Relationship: ECS & Valley Settlement House

Thank you, Gus Lindquist

May 2014: Bob and Patty Bender news

The loss this past January of musician, activist, pioneer, and humanitarian Pete Seeger prompted an outpouring of tributes and appreciation from all corners of the world. So it's little wonder that his local admirers are preparing to pay homage as well. On Sunday, May 4, a group of South Florida folkies, activists, and enthusiasts will participate in an afternoon event dubbed "Remembering Pete and Toshi Seeger: A Musical Tribute" at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Lauderdale. The concert will feature the top names in our local folk circles -- among them, Rod MacDonald, Laurie Jennings, Grant Livingston, Ellen Buskel, Marie Koppelman, Tracy Sands, and Amy Carol Webb -- and will celebrate the spirit of the Seegers' visionary philosophy.

"Pete introduced a lot of important songs and stood for a powerful idea, that music is more than entertainment, but also a means of addressing the reality of our world," explains MacDonald, one of the event's chief organisers. "I think his philosophy -- that if you can get people together, anything is possible -- is what's most memorable."

See also: Pete Seeger Tribute Concert in Lake Worth: The Man is Gone. The Spirit Lives On

That's the idea behind this event, and it's in that spirit that MacDonald, Labryrinth Cafe administrator Susan Moss, and Seeger fans and enthusiasts Bob and Patty Bender to unite in bringing this project to fruition. "I just knew everyone would want to do it," MacDonald insists. "It's a way for the musical community to come together in tribute to someone we all loved."

"How could we not respond enthusiastically when Rod initiated this event and consulted us about the involvement of South Florida activists?" Bob Bender remarks. "Pete Seeger was a role model, a brilliant folk musician, and compassionate human being." Bender recalls first hearing Seeger and his group the Weavers singing Leadbelly's "Goodnight Irene" on a late night Philadelphia radio program in 1951 and being so enamoured by the broadcast that attending Seeger concerts became a family tradition. He started it when he met his wife Patty and it continued when they began bringing their children as well. That practice reached its pinnacle in 2009 when Bob and Patty co-emceed Seeger's 90th Birthday Bash.

Asked why the Seeger legacy continues to resonate, Bender offers a ready response, or rather, several. "Pete was a brilliant musician. Pete was always a sensitive and committed grassroots social activist. Pete was a principled and courageous human being and a disciplined organiser and writer. Pete got people singing and moving. He embodied social change. Pete was eternally optimistic, with unerring political instincts."

As for Toshi, she too isn't far from his thoughts. "Toshi brought her own passion and style to social movements," he says. "She once quipped something to the effect that if only Pete's passions had involved other women instead of other causes, her life would have been simpler -- though not better -- without him."

Remembering Pete and Toshi Seeger: A Musical Tribute. 1:30 p.m., at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Lauderdale, 3970 N.W. 21 Ave, Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $20 and must be purchased in advance before April 28. Call Susan Moss at 954-478-8637.


Jerry Kaplan: click on Members.html#jerrykaplan

Fred Sebastian: click on members.html#fredsebastian




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