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Essex Ethical was rededicated as a Peace Site
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2001. Our Peace Site Garden was dedicated November 10, 2002


We are proud that our Essex Ethical Culture Society was one of the first Peace Sites in the country when it was dedicated 20 years ago. Promoted by Louis Kousins, these sites were intended to be creative, positive ways of establishing a visual, vibrant presence to expand peace work - to avoid nuclear war and preserve the planet for future generations.

With the current proposal to deploy missile defense systems, threatening to unravel a generation of bilateral and multilateral peace-keeping treaties, and plans to introduce nuclearization and weaponization of space, we are now rededicating ourselves as a Peace Site - to raise our own consciousness and to be a public presence as a force for non-violent conflict resolution and nuclear disarmament.

Speakers included: Madelyn Hoffman, NJ Peace Action, Arthur Kinoy, the People's Lawyer, Betty Levin, and Boe Meyerson. We has special music from The Stirling Duo and Gigi Goldstein

         Boe Meyerson cutting the ribbon to dedicate the Peace Garden                           Betty Levin with Memorial Plaques


Members and friends leaving the Peace Site Rededication ceremony































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